About Us

At Gorman Company, we are a diverse family with a unique blend of cultures, histories and traditions…and we’re proud of it!  It’s our passion that connects us, and sets us apart.  We go the extra mile, every time, to deliver unparalleled service, unwavering integrity and unfailing reliability.  

Gorman Company as you know us, was founded in 1939, and was purchased by Hajoca, our parent company, in 1991. We currently operate from 37 locations in the state of Florida. Hajoca is America’s largest private wholesale distributor of plumbing, heating, waterworks and industrial supplies. Hajoca has roughly 350 locations across the United States, operating as local businesses in the communities they serve.

Our business size is a strength, and we use it to negotiate the lowest pricing on the best products from the best manufacturers, to satisfy local markets, while also displaying a selection of the latest in Kitchen and Bath design trends. We love being able to be both clean, classic Florida style and on trend at the same time!

While we use our size as an asset in purchasing, Gorman Company operates as a local business at each location. You can be sure that your business impacts the local economy, employees and families. We are proud to serve you in the communities where we live, work and volunteer and raise our families.  

Each of us has a vested interest in being the best supplier that we can be to earn your business every day. We want you to love the outcome of your project, and be successful in your business so that we can grow in our business too. In order for Gorman to grow as a company, we want to help our customers to grow and succeed in your businesses and pools, plumbing and waterworks projects too.

Have a project that you can use some help with? Please, let us know! We love to help. We take our role as your trusted advisers to heart, and as a privilege.  We are partners in your success.  

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